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Rich Communication

Communicate effectively with rich text formatting, inline images, cover photos, embedded content, and more.

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Users can reply to posts and comments and keep entire discussions organized.


Upvote posts and comments to show your support and make content more visible to others.

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Manage your community with tools like banning users, flagging content, and more.

Mods and Members

Give users elevated permissions in your community like access or even moderating powers.

Access Control

Control who can see and submit posts and comments with a simple, adjustable role system.

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View and edit your profile with a custom avatar, custom descriptions, and more.


Add tags to posts to help organize your community and make it easier to find content.

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Easily search through all posts and comments.

Custom Auth

Bring your own authentication system to your community.

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Embed a widget into your site that shares posts from any board.